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Standards and Dress Regulations


Air Cadets are expected to maintain certain minimum standards of dress and deportment.

Personal Appearance and Deportment (CATO 55-04 s.31-s.33):

Cadets in uniform shall be well groomed with footwear cleaned and shone. Their uniform shall be clean and properly pressed at all times. In particular, buttons, fasteners and zippers shall be kept closed. Pockets shall not be bulged; items such as glasses, sun-glasses, glasses cases, pens, pencils, key-rings or paper shall not be visibly extended nor protrude from pockets or be suspended from waist belts or pockets. Headsets from a radio receiver, tape/CD player or other personal entertainment device shall not be worn.

Chewing gum, slouching, sauntering, placing hands in pockets, smoking or eating on the street, walking hand in hand, and similar deportment which detracts from a proud and orderly appearance in the eyes of the public is unacceptable for cadets in uniform. The object of this guideline is to project an image of a disciplined and self-controlled group.
 Thus, as one example, physical displays of affection between uniformed cadets shall be avoided.

Hair on the head shall be neatly groomed and conservatively styled. The length, bulk and style of hair shall not preclude the proper wear of the wedge (bulk is the distance that the mass of hair extends from the skin, when groomed, as opposed to the length of hair). In particular, style and colour shall not be bizarre, exaggerated or unusual appearance. Unusual colours such as green, bright red, orange, purple, etc are not permitted. Hair must be secured or styled back to reveal the face and any accessories used to secure or control hairstyles shall be as unobtrusive as possible. Hair ornaments shall not be worn, except for female cadets’ conservative barrettes that blend with the hair colour.

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