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Brief History: 

789 opened up its doors in September 2012. Branching off of nearby Mississauga Squadrons, we were off to a strong start. 

The Squadron is named after Military Officer Lt R Hampton Gray, who was the last Canadian to be awarded the Victoria Cross Medal. He fought courageously for 5 years in many well-known wars such as WWII, The Battle of the Atlantic, The Pacific War, and many more. 

We are proud to know and still have a strong relationship with Lt Gray's niece, who has attended a few of our Annual Ceremonial Reviews. 

Command History

Maj. D. Bryce, CD: 2012 - 2016

WO1 H. Saherawala

WO1 S. Chow

WO1 C. Murray 

WO2 S. Phondge

WO2 A. Saherwala

Maj. D. Femiak, CD: 2016 - 2020

WO1 A. Saherwala

WO2 M. Wilcox

WO2 S. Sequeira

WO1 V. Madkaikar

Maj A. Adamczak, CD: 2020 - Present

FSgt E. Ivo

WO1 P. Mehta

WO1 Adamczak-Mitchell


The first four officers of 789 on the training night when we first stood up as a Squadron

Monument BC Aviation Monument from Looko
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