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789 Supply

Supply officer: CV C. Mitchell &
CV W. Taylor

For questions & inquiries, please email

Uniform Information

Each cadet will be issued 2 uniforms: 

  1. Field training uniform (FTU)

  2. Dress uniform (DEU)

Uniforms are on loan to you for use during your time as a Cadet.  They must be returned when you leave the program. 

Uniforms can be exchanged to accommodate changing sizes by making an appointment.


Nothing is to be sewn on the green FTU uniform. 

Badges and rank are only to be sewn on the blue DEU uniform

Uniform Maintenance Video

Your new uniform:


How to form your new beret:


Polishing your parade boots:


How to maintain your combat boots:


How to iron your dress uniform:


How to blouse FTU pants:

Ranks and insignia:

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