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18 May - 22 May - Washington DC Trip

Cadets and Staff must be at the bus departure point no later that 6:45 am. Parent/guardians must wait until the bus departs.

Cadets and Staff must be in full uniform (or civilian appropriate for civilian staff) and have the following documents in their backpack (not in the suitcase) ready for inspection before boarding the bus:

1. Original Health Card;

2. Original Canadian Passport;

3. Copy of the "out of country insurance" confirmation form.

Without these items they will not be able to board the bus; Bus will not wait for latecomers.

Everyone must have breakfast at home or bring food (suitable for bus travel) with them to consume on the bus. For drink - only water or juice boxes (no milk or dairy type drinks). All food will have to be consumed or disposed of prior to crossing into USA.

19 May - CANCELLED - Band Rehearsal - CANCELLED
21 May - CANCELLED - Drill Team Practice CANCELLED

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